Documentation Audits are scary, time-sucking, and expensive

Many docs FAIL them, with devastating consequences.

Most providers take one, two (or more!), documentation workshops or webinars, identify multiple areas of deficiency, and show up to the office on Monday morning with EVERY intention of fixing their documentation. But they are quickly overwhelmed and don't know where to start. Sound familiar? What you DIDN'T learn in that workshop was an IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY. That's why you're HERE!
Documentation Audits are scary, time-sucking, and expensive

Compliant Documentation doesn't happen by ACCIDENT.

It is INTENTIONALLY created.

  • If you did NOT sit down and craft compliant documentation from your thorough understanding of ALL elements of your carrier guidelines, then YOU are at risk of failing an AUDIT.
  • If you have ATTENDED documentation workshops and have not FIXED this problem in your office, going to ONE MORE (no matter how good!), providing the SAME information...AGAIN... WILL NOT HELP YOU. 

If it would have, you wouldn't be here right now.


My Compliance MASTERCLASS will guide you step-by-step...


    WHERE TO START? MOST providers are missing multiple CRUCIAL elements from their documentation. Information (from that documentation workshop you went to...or two...or three of them...) is just the beginning. It's what to DO with it where most provider's get stuck.


    Strategically IMPLEMENT in a triage-style approach meaningful changes in the TOP missing elements in most Chiropractors' EHR documentation. I will break down and walk you through each transformation in your notes. You will FINALLY FIX your documentation deficiencies!


    Making the jump from deficient documentation to "Confidently Compliant" is a TEAM effort! This course is presented step-by-step guidance for you AND your team to transform your practice together! There will be detailed ACTION STEPS at the end of each module.



The GOOD news is: it wasn't your fault. It is almost impossible to FIX EVERYTHING AT ONCE.


The Compliance Masterclass is a multi-module strategy for the provider and their staff to complete over the course of 3-4 months, breaking down by topics to address one at a time. You won't just learn WHAT and WHYbut most importantly... HOW.

You'll receive resources and tools: action lists, staff meeting agendas, customizable letters to share with patients, accountability/check-in emails, monthly ZOOM calls for your staff 'Project Leader', and membership in a Private Facebook Group community to communicate with me, Dr. E, and other colleagues going through the same process, and much more.

Completing the Masterclass will save you and your staff dozens, if not hundreds, of hours trying to do this by yourself.

YOUR TIME (not to mention peace of mind) IS WORTH IT.

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About Your Instructor:

Learn from a Doc who has been through, and successfully fought, an audit

  • Dr. E

    Ellen Fitzenrider DC

    Dr. E

    Dr. Ellen Fitzenrider is a 1991 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, and has built and sold two successful Chiropractic offices in two states. In 2018, along with dozens of her colleagues in Virginia, her office was subject to a devastating and unjust insurance carrier audit from which she fought back on her own and ultimately had it overturned. She currently spends her time educating her chiropractic colleagues, other healthcare professionals, billing & coding professionals, and healthcare attorneys about audits and strategic tools to implement EHR documentation compliance and audit response.

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"An Audit from the Inside" (on-demand) & "Implementation Strategies for Compliant Documentation" (June 4, 2020)

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